Health & Safety Policy Statement

John Pointon & Sons Ltd recognises the fact that health and safety has positive benefits to the organisation and commitment to a high level of safety makes good business sense. We also recognise that health and safety is a business function that rates equal to all other business functions and it must therefore continually progress and adapt to changes. The approach to health and safety will be based on the identification and control of risks.

Health and Safety is the responsibility of everyone at this Company and not just a function of management and to this end, all employees must play their part in making the Company a safe and healthy place in which to work. As there are distinct benefits to be gained from providing a safe and healthy working environment, a positive culture will be encouraged and this encouragement shall be actively supported by all managers and supervisors.

The performance of both individuals and the organisation will be monitored, with continual improvements being made to health and safety standards. In order to ensure that this general statement is achieved, the following actions will be taken:

  • Arrangements will be put into place for the effective planning, development, and review of this policy statement and the Health and Safety Manual.
  • Appropriate systems will be developed and maintained for the effective communication of health and safety matters throughout the organisation.
  • All necessary information, instruction, and training will be provided to employees and others, including temporary staff to ensure their competence with respect to health and safety.
  • Resources, in the form of finance, equipment, personnel, and time to ensure satisfactory health and safety standards are maintained will be provided. The assistance of expert help will be sought where the necessary skills are not available within the organisation.
  • We will liaise and work with all necessary persons to ensure health and safety. Additionally, adequate arrangements will be made to ensure the health and safety of non-employees, who may visit the premises.
  • All relevant statutes, Regulations and Codes of Practice will be complied with.
  • Health and Safety is to be fully integrated into the management and decision-making processes within the organisation.
  • A system will be provided, to ensure that accidents and ‘near-misses’ are fully investigated and appropriate action taken to reduce the likelihood of their occurrence.
  • Procedures will be established to ensure that safe equipment and plant are provided for employees and non-employees.

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