John Pointon and Sons Continue Sponsorship of Cheddleton & Wetley Rocks First Responders

Community First Response Unveil New Response Car

Back in 2004 John Pointon and Sons started on a journey with Cheddleton and Wetley Rock’s Community First Responders which has provided an essential service to the community for over 10 years


Initially the Company provided a vehicle for the sole use of the responders which has received thousands of emergency call outs. It is no exaggerations to state that the paramedics have saved the lives of numerous residents during this period.


It is important to remember that Community First Response schemes receive no money from central sources and the paramedics are all volunteers.
On 23rd January 2015 the First Responders took delivery of their new response vehicle which replaces their 10 year old car with a brand new Skoda Yeti (4 x4).The car was once again supplied by John Pointon and Sons and in the above photograph, Barney Williams, Technical Director at


John Pointon and Sons handed over the keys of the new car to Jane Matthews co-ordinator of the scheme. 

Barney explained, “A vehicle of this type is important to the paramedics because they are frequently called upon to respond to emergencies within our local community across all kinds of terrain and in all weather conditions and this will bring them closer to their aim of providing 24/7, 365 days a year service.  In 2014 Cheddleton and Wetley Rocks responded to over 1,046 calls. John Pointon and Sons are delighted to demonstrate our long term support for the team and we hope that our relationship will continue for many years to come!”


On behalf of the first responders, Jane Matthews thanked John Pointon and Sons directors for their continued support, without which it would be difficult to continue their much needed service in the Cheddleton and Wetley Rocks villages.


Jane also stated that they would be more than happy to take the vehicle along to show to any local group and to talk about the workings of a Community Response Scheme.  

Picture Shows Eccleshall First Responders Jane Matthews, John Corden, David Le Petit, Sheila Pointon, Martin Pointon and Carl Pointon from John Pointon and Sons alongside the scheme’s new response vehicle.

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