John Pointon and Sons educates the next generation of renderers

John Pointon and Sons Limited were amongst a number of guest presenters held by the Leek Federation on 25 November 2014 at Churnet View Middle School in Leek.

Our Health and Safety Manager,  Ian Durber who represented the Company said the breakout day was all about giving the school children aged between nine and thirteen years’ old  an insight into the world of work and an opportunity to educate and engage pupils in the importance of recycling and renewable energy resources. Also attending the event with Pointon’s were several other local employers’ including Bentley Motors, JCB, the Army and Staffordshire Police.

Ian explained the importance of the rendering process and its role in generating sustainable biomass fuels, protein-rich ingredients for pet foods, products for the pharmaceuticals and oleochemical industry, and responding to animal disease outbreaks. The pupils had the opportunity to ask questions about what is involved in producing the Company’s products which were passed around for them to look at during the presentation.

Ian said that the day was well-attended and generated lots of questions about the Company. A number of the pupils that attended the sessions said that they either had a family relative or knew someone that worked for Pointon’s.

Afterwards, Alison Keily the event organiser said that the pupils had a great time and without the input from Pointon’s informative session this wouldn't have been so.

The Leek Federation is a schools partnership between Churnet View Middle School, Leek High Specialist Technology School and Westwood College . Further information is available at:

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