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John Pointon started the business in the transportation of butchers’ waste with just one vehicle in 1958. The core business remained the collection and transportation of Animal By-Products (ABP’s) until 1976, when the Pointon family expanded into processing, with the acquisition of a small rendering plant in Staffordshire.

Our Staffordshire site has been occupied by a rendering facility for over 80 years as a direct result of the local authority re-locating their facility from Leek town centre.

From 1976 up to the present day, John Pointon and Sons has experienced organic and sustainable growth to become the largest single site rendering and recycling Company in the UK.

In recent years, the Directors have evolved their current facilities in order to offer cost effective ABP and food waste disposal solutions which complement our core business.

Furthermore, our transport fleet offers tailored solutions to industry, from a small container to bio secure 55 cu yd trailers, we have the answer to any disposal dilemma.

Our waste disposal solutions offer food companies a sensible and sustainable answer to landfill and thus assist in reducing their own carbon footprint at the same time.