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Sustainability, the John Pointon & Sons Philosophy

John Pointon and Sons has always been dedicated to following a philosophy of sustainability, by recycling virtually all of the waste materials we collect into usable products in an environmentally safe manner. We’ve been providing this service for over 30 years.

In a world where businesses are searching of ways to improve their environmental record or become ‘green’, we can confidently say that our customers are already committing to their green credentials.

Our core rendering business is a fantastic example. In the UK, for every kilogram of meat that is consumed, there is a corresponding kilogram of inedible meat by-product that must be disposed of. Over 50 billion kilograms of these inedible by-products are generated by the UK food industry annually, of which the rendering industry processes 30 billion. Without recycling, some processors would turn to incineration or landfills. Disposing of the aforementioned by-products in this manner would reduce the country’s available landfill space by 30% a year, taking up all available space in only five years, and leaving traditional landfill materials without a disposal site.

Additionally, land filling animal by-products contributes to the production of methane gas and odours, and attracts rodents and bacteria, making such use of landfills a potential health and environmental hazard.

Other alternatives to rendering are just as undesirable and inefficient. Composting this amount of waste material also requires a tremendous amount of space, and spreading composted animal by-products on grazing land could spread deadly pathogens which would otherwise be killed off during the rendering process. Burial and incineration are other alternatives, but they also can harm the environment and are restricted from use.

Rendering is the most cost-efficient, environmentally desirable and bio-secure solution to this disposal problem, and yields commercially usable products as its result.