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Oleochemical Industry

Advanced Proteins are a key raw material supplier to the Oleochemical industry. Oleochemicals are ingredients derived from key organic raw materials such as natural oils and animal fats (tallow) and offer sustainable and high-performance alternatives to many petrochemical originated products.

Oleochemicals are very versatile and are used in the manufacture of many consumer goods and industrial products, combining functional benefits with a good environmental profile.

Examples of oleochemical uses are as follows:

Fats and oils from Category 3 materials and the derivatives of these fats and oils are used in the pharmaceutical industries. Because of their properties these materials are often used in products that are formulated for use to improve skin.

Soap Manufacture
Animal fats and tallow have been raw ingredients for soap manufacture for centuries and continue to be so. Soaps produced from animal fats have a harder texture than those produced from vegetable oils and the use of tallow in soap manufacture reduces the pressure on sources of vegetable oil such as palm oil. Only tallow from Category 3 raw materials is used in soap manufacture.

Cleaning Products / Disinfectants 
Fats and oils from Category 2 and 3 materials are valuable raw materials in the chemical industry. Derivatives from these materials are used in the manufacture of products ranging from paints to disinfectants and cleaning products.