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Pet Food Ingredients – Processed Animal Proteins (PAPs)

Processed animal proteins (PAPs) are a proteinaceous by product of the rendering process after the fat and moisture have been extracted from Category 3 animal by products.

PAPs are  used as a key protein source for the pet food industry. It is one of many ingredients that a nutritionist will use to formulate a complete feed.

Therefore, protein meals have become one of the most effective ingredients in providing the required protein levels for modern pet foods.

Essential Facts:

· PAP supplies essential amino acids

· It is a highly available source of phosphorus

· A necessary source of essential fatty acids

· It is an easily metabolized energy source

Advanced Proteins Protein Meals

· Lamb PAP

· Pork PAP

· 50% Mixed Species PAP

· Blood PAP

· High Protein PAP (Hi Pro)

The traceability measures we have implemented demonstrate the source of all of our ABP collections and also our finished product customers. For you and your customers, this means essential peace of mind.

All product specifications are available on request.