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We provide everything you’re looking for in a trusted and professional partner. Our reputation depends on it.


Since our inception, we’ve been reclaiming by-products from the meat processing industry — bones, fats, offal, blood, and feathers — and rendering them to produce high-quality fats, oils, and proteins. We offer the complete recycling success story in an ultra-modern recycling business, converting organic by-products into valuable commodities.


Whether you’re a butcher shop, slaughterhouse, farmer, food processor or supermarket, we offer the complete collection service for your every need. We also provide biosecure disposal of fallen stock and specified risk material (SRM) that fully complies with ABP regulations.


Rely on Pointon Staff For………….

Prompt and reliable collections

With our extensive fleet and professionally trained (ADR) drivers, we’re always available in your hour of need.


Customized service and total flexibility

We’ll always adapt our schedules to suit your needs, whether it’s daily, weekly, monthly or an ad hoc basis.


Competent, professional staff

At Pointon’s, we believe that exceptional performance is a key aspect for our business to grow.


The Complete Package

If you have offal, bone, blood, hides and skins, used cooking oil, trap grease or organics to dispose of, we can collect them all.


A Brighter Future

Every year, John Pointon & Sons convert nearly 400,000 tonnes of animal by-products and food waste into renewable fuels and pet food ingredients.

The above requirements can be reviewed in the Animal By-Products Regulations (1069/ 2009). For more information contact your local Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) Offices or www.defra.gov.uk.