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Food Waste Collections

John Pointon and Sons offer a unique food waste collection service, offering an effective and sustainable solution for your entire food waste recycling needs.


Our services are simple and unobtrusive and are always carried out with the utmost care and consideration for hygiene and the environment. By using our service you are helping the UK meet their responsibilities by diverting food waste to landfill and reducing your own carbon footprint.


Our unique service includes:

  • An initial food waste audit to help identify your food waste streams.
  • A dedicated fleet of vehicles ensuring high levels of hygienic collection and transfer of waste.
  • The use of JPS bins, which are delivered washed and sterilised with every collection.
  • Regular, scheduled collection times within an agreed time period.
  • Presentable, courteous and fully trained collection teams, briefed to answer any questions you might have.
  • A regular point of contact at JPS with a 24/7 call out option.









The state of the art food waste processing technology is a unique anaerobic digestion process which fulfils the UK’s environmental and renewable energy responsibilities.